Squad Has Sold More Than 1 Million Units in Early Access

Tactical shooters always try to add team-based functionalities in the game to deliver a more detailed and realistic experience for the players. While being a full simulation in popular genres like first-person shooters might decrease the number of target community, releasing an arcade shooter in the presence of titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V doesn’t give you a strong chance for winning the competition. So in such a situation, studios try to develop a game right in between the simulation and arcade stiles, like Squad.

Offworld Industries’ still under-development tactical shooter, Squad, has owned more than 1 million players so far with it’s overwhelming sales on Steam while the game is still in Early Access phase. According to the development team, Squad has sold more than one million copies since December 2015 that it released on Steam.

Squad features tactical team-based gameplay in 40 Vs 40 online battles that includes close quarters along with military vehicles like tanks and other modern warfare equipment. In Squad, players have to work together in order to capture the objectives and win matches.

To celebrate Squad’s satisfying sales through the recent years, the development team has released Alpha 13 update that adds new modes and sets of gear to the game. You can check out the trailer for latest update below:

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