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Four Square Enix Montreal Mobile Games Are Shutting Down

Former game studio Square Enix Montreal has announced that several games developed by the studio will shut down in January. The games shutting down include Arena Battle Champions, Deus Ex Go, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, and Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes. All four games will reportedly be removed from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store on December 1. Those who already own the games will have access to them until January 4, 2023, when they lose access, and the games will go offline permanently.

Details on each Square Enix game via their store pages can be can be seen below:

Arena Battle Champions

Adventure and victory await you! Champions from all over the land gather in the Battle Arena to fight and claim the title of Battle Arena Champion!

Battle solo or with friends, choose your powerful Champions and discover their unique abilities!

Fight your way through enemies’ minions and use strategy to destroy the enemy tower!

Unlock new Champions and special items to dominate the arena in PVP mayhem!

Deus Ex Go

Challenge all-new turn-based logic puzzles and solve a futuristic mystery in Deus Ex GO, the next tactical board game from the makers of the award-winning HITMAN GO and LARA CROFT GO.

Puzzles in Deus Ex GO challenge you to utilize a mixture of stealth, espionage and raw intelligence as you guide secret agent Adam Jensen across a visually stunning storyline. Sneak, hack and fight your way past enemies, and augment Adam with futuristic upgrades to solve the GO series’ most intricate puzzles yet!

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

Enter the hidden world of assassination and become The Shadows, a team of highly-skilled snipers. Embark on globetrotting assignments, eliminate targets with stealth and creativity, engage in fierce competition and build your reputation as the International Contract Agency (ICA) Elite Agents!


Use skill and strategy to compete against other players.

Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes

Battle the Invader threat! Use your phone’s camera to discover heroes hidden inside everyday objects in your home —only they can fend off the Invaders! Collect and level up your team to improve their abilities, progress in weekly challenges, and unlock new tech to discover even mightier heroes! Earth’s fate is in your hands!

“First Invasion” Release – The Invaders are beginning their attack on our world! Be one of the first players to close the rifts in this initial release.

  • DISCOVER: Heroes hide anywhere and everywhere. Scan everyday objects wherever you are through your phone’s camera in true augmented reality (AR) to collect them!

  • COLLECT: Grow your collection of heroes and level them up to improve their powers and abilities!

  • BATTLE: Charge and unleash your heroes in thrilling encounters against waves of Invaders! How far will your heroes take you?

  • SPARKS WILL FLY: As a new recruit of LITE, team-up with the community in weekly challenges to fend off invasions and close rifts! As you defeat Invaders, unlock new Spectrums and search for rarer heroes to challenge even the mightiest of enemies!

  • LEVEL UP: To power up your heroes for battle, be on the lookout for energy also hidden inside objects to activate powerful boosts!

  • NEW TECH: You’ve never seen AR like this before! Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes is an innovative object-detection based Augmented Reality game!

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